Casey : Biography
In 1947 at age one, I contracted polio which permanently damaged my left leg. Born in Southern Minnesota and fortunate to live equidistant from the Sister Kenny Institute and Mayo Clinic, I had ten orthopedic corrective surgeries. I was among the first group of disabled children to be mainstreamed, largely due to the efforts of my sociologist mother.

I showed an early talent for art which helped during the long months spent in bed. I studied art and art history, participating in an early graphic design program at the University of Iowa. During the summer of 1968, I spent two months traveling in Europe where art leapt out of my history books and into my consciousness.

After college I went to San Francisco where I was an Art Director specializing in book design and high-end packaging. I was National Women’s Slalom and Giant Slalom champion on one ski with outriggers in 1972. I taught skiing to Viet Nam vets with amputations at Lake Tahoe for nine years, then went on to teach at the Courage Center in Minnesota. I’m an avid outdoors woman, most of my botanical drawings are en plain air.

I found my medium after taking a bookmaking class at the University of Oregon in 1994. I design and hand make artist books, often illustrating them with graphite and colored pencil drawings. I have a small tabletop letterpress for typesetting, printing and embossing.

Always enamored of all things natural, I gravitated to high desert wildflowers while living nearly off the grid in a Bucky Ball in Bonanza, OR, for twelve years. Two residencies revolved around botanicals ranging from the dying Whitebark pines at Crater Lake National Park to the shy trilliums at the Cabin at Shotpouch Creek.

Cathleen Casey
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