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Q center art show is the place to be for the Portland woodblock work shops and propaganda art posters.

Hobos to Street People is a skillfully written book by Art Hazelwood who uses the art of the WPA/New Deal era to portray this period.  Cindy gives a copy of this book to each teacher hosting a workshop and it is also given as a thank you gift for a donation of $250.00 to keep our workshops funded in the schools across the nation.  Thank you, CSAC for keeping Charlie's art and memory alive!  Seem's like it was just yesterday when the Art Exhibit in Sonora started, and now it is 60! There is this wonderful group in Maryland that have been working on the NEW DEAL and our Foundation is in total support of defining and finding the buildings, murals and all the art done during this era. Check this story out, and then read the last sentence out loud . . .

Charles Surendorf II Art Foundation Workshop Students to Exhibit in 59th Annual Mother Lode Art Association Art Show and Exhibit Calaveras High School, teacher, Suzanne Smith speaks about the WPA Prints at their workshop.  This was filmed by Paul Moeller of Calaveras Community TV.  Thank you for the use. Calaveras High School Students share their work to the public.   This was filmed by Paul Moeller of Calaveras Community TV.  Thank you for the use.

Calaveras High School Newspaper Sharing their experience with the Surendorf Foundation workshop. -terminate the federal Arts in Education program, which has been in place for 10 years.

Join the Lady GAGA Foundation -

Hats off to this non profit that has been doing this for 23 years!  Always a wonderful story to read and to know that there are Foundations such as ours that fight to keep art in schools!

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