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Artists that were friends

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Guy Livingston Woolley was a New Orleans artist that my father met in 1948 and shared art which you will see when you click the first link on his name, and the original letter written is the second link.

Lawrence McConaha was an artist friend in Richmand, Indiana.  I found a paragraph in Charlie's autobiography discribing a day with him and I found a couple of his oils that reminded me of how Dad discribed the day.  Enjoy.

Angel Tompkins is a beautiful artist that blessed Charlie with a new look at life.  In the 1970's, Charlie was suffering from years of alcohol abuse, and rarely found interest in painting anymore.  Then came Angel, who put the smile back on Charlie's face, the desire to paint again, and most important for the art world, another creation of art that hangs proudly in Angel's home.  I am honored to be Angel's pen pal, and she has granted us, the Foundation, for a sneak peak of a chapter of her biography called "THE FIRST CLUE".  This was a gift to read today, on the magical day of 12.12.12, which will happen only once in our lives, and to know that all the historical offerings from wonderful people like Angel will go on forever.  CS

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