Final Days and Charlie's Legacy

1977 – Final days

Surendorf's last great trip was to Yugoslavia with his best friends, the Nelsons, who own the Columbia Candy Kitchen. His collection of watercolors, now owned by the Nelsons, are a beautiful memory of what was destroyed by the civil war.

1978 Final trip to Cindy's

Charlie was so proud of his daughter, Cindy, for taking on the educational world by her greatest challenge in life, and that was to find out why she as a Christian was doomed to hell for being a lesbian. Although it was never discussed between the two of them, Charlie made an effort to show his support in his humor during her college years, but always treated Cindy with respect and honor. With that, he arrived to her home with canvas and paint in hand, informed her that he would be dying in one year, gave her instructions on how to handle his estate, and then off they went to the tide pools in Laguna Beach with her Marine Biology class. This is the last watercolor he painted in his life. A true treasured experience to see his daughter, center stage during her Senior Show Case with her drama partner quoting the Bible and Surendorf poetry.

1979 – Charles Surendorf II Final Moments

Surendorf died of cancer at home with his family and friends at his side. The cancer had been diagnosed a year prior, which gave Surendorf a chance to get his art affairs in order. He donated his collection to Columbia College for 30 years to show. After this term expired in 2009, his art was returned to the family.

1996 – Surendorf Gallery opens

October 9th marked the opening day of the Surendorf Gallery in Murphys, California. Once located at 472 Main Street, the Surendorf Gallery was proud to represent the entire collection of Surendorf's blockprints, various watercolors, oils, and other art done in a chronological order of Surendorf's life. The gallery changed exhibits every three months, and had enough original artwork to last through the year 2002 without repeating!

2001 – Surendorf’s Art on a New Adventure

The gallery closed in 2001, only for the work of Charles Surendorf II to begin a new journey – to reach the rest of the world through exhibitions and lectures, offered by Surendorf’s youngest daughter Cindy. She began guest lectures in schools and working on a book about her father’s life and work.

2010 – The Charles Surendorf II Art Foundation

Cindy organized the Charles Surendorf II Art Foundation, a non-profit public benefit corporation with other advisors and directors. The charter of the Foundation is to support art education in public and private schools with exhibitions, lectures, and workshops in our communities' schools. The Foundation works directly with schools and community centers to bring the works, stories, and techniques of Charles Surendorf to schools and aspiring artists.

Bookmark this web site and return to find out when Surendorf exhibitions will visit your community. Contact Cindy if you’d like to host an exhibit, lecture, and/or workshop.