Ways to Get Involved

People ask 'How can I help?' It's best to start with understanding how our programs work.

We work directly with schools and community centers to bring the Foundation's fun and interesting programs directly to students. Our focus is on high-school aged children, their parents, teachers, and community organizations that support the efforts of local educational institutions. All of this work relies on the contributions of sponsors in the local community and throughout the country.

Here is how you can get involved.

Help Us Find the Right People

Our programs are supported by your local community, which means working with the right people in your community. The 'right' people include art teachers, directors of organizations that support art in your community, community leaders and leading citizens who support art in your schools, leaders of your local PTA or other parent-teacher support organization, local company contacts who might offer financial support through tax-deductible donations, and grant organizations offering financial support for events in your community.

If you know the 'right' people, it will help accelerate hosting an event at one or more of your schools. We welcome you to make direct contact within your community and have them contact the Foundation, or to contact us with the names of people in your community who might support bringing our programs to your schools. Please include your name, phone number, and e-mail address, plus, indicate whether it's okay to say you recommended we contact this person. If you do not indicate it's okay to say you recommended we contact this person, we will not mention it.

We never share information about anyone with anyone. All contact information is confidential.

Thank you for your support. We hope to be in your community soon.

Promote an Event

If you want to get involved in your community to support the Charles Surendorf II Art Foundation, but can't sponsor an event, how about promoting one that is sponsored in your area. Your involvement helps your community become aware of an exhibit, lecture, or workshop with your generous support.

If you want to help in your community, contact Cindy by email, or by phone at (831) 601-6962, to find out where an event is scheduled in your area. We'll hook you up with the right people.

Host an Interview

Hosting an interview is a great way to introduce your community to the life and works of Charles Surendorf II. Cindy welcomes interviews during exhibitions, lectures, and workshops - or without one. Cindy loves to share stories about her father and her life with him. And she has a lot of good stories to share.

If you would like to interview Cindy, please contact her by email, or by phone at (831) 601-6962


The Charles Surendorf II Art Foundation operates on the generous support of people - their time, their ideas, their galleries/schools/etc., and more. If you would like to support the Foundation with a financial contribution, the directors, studentsparentsteachers, supporters, art lovers, historians, artists, and many more greatly appreciate it.

The Charles Surendorf II Art Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donations are tax deductible.

Donate in Person

Please go to any Wells Fargo Bank Branch and tell them you want to donate to the Charles Surendorf II Art Foundation. They will process your donation at the bank.

Donate by Mail

Send your check to:

Charles Surendorf II Art Foundation
Attn: Donations
10649 NE 13th Ave. #70
Portland, OR 97211

Please note if your $150.00 donation is for the Student Workshop program. All donations of $150.00 not so noted will go into our general donation fund.

Donate Online

NOTE: To protect our generous supporters, all monetary donations you make are processed through a secure transaction service hosted by Click and Pledge. We do not process financial or personal data on this site. No financial related data is collected on this web site.

Your online donations are protected transactions.

Donate through Click and Pledge.

Other Ways to Donate

  • Call the Foundation at 831-601-6962 for information.
  • Go to any Wells Fargo Bank branch and ask to donate to the Charles Surendorf II Art Foundation