Our Mission

The Charles Surendorf II Art Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to helping teachers keep art alive in our schools. We desire to inspire aspiring young artists through exhibits, workshops, and events at High Schools around the country, using the original art of Charles F. Surendorf II as the platform to educate and challenge them to find their own creative abilities, while introducing them to Charlie's unique block carving technique.

Additionally, the Foundation sponsors other projects that use art as a basis to engage, communicate, challenge, and inspire students.




Block Print by Mariana Vasquez from a Workshop

Please get involved, for the sake of America's kids and the future of our country's culture by donating to the Foundation, helping sponsor an event, or volunteering to help the Foundation bring art to schools across this great land. The Charles Surendorf II Art Foundation is an Oregon Corporation for public benefit and relies on the good will of sponsors and donations from contributors. If you would like to support the activities of the foundation, select Get Involved in the menu above.

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The Foundation directors and I warmly welcome you. We hope you enjoy your visit, bookmark this site and return often, and get involved for the sake of America's kids and the future of our artistic culture.

Cindy Surendorf
Executive Director