Our Program

The Charles Surendorf II Art Foundation's mission is to inspire young, aspiring artists in our nation's high schools. We do this with assemblies, exhibitions, and workshops exclusively for and at High Schools, using the art of Charles Surendorf II as a springboard, while teaching his unique block printing technique.

We work directly with schools and the community to make these events happen and include local artists when possible to create a celebration of the arts within the community. Our program consists of the following:


  • Guest lectures to schools who would like an overview of Surendorf's experience as a WPA artist. The lecture can be customized to the event the class is having in the history of different states and or art mediums.
  • Workshops within the high school for interested students, where they will learn the woodblock carving technique Charlie used throughout his life. Students will make their own block, which will be printed using a letterpress much like the one Charlie used throughout his life. The student will keep his or her carving along with the print.
  • Exhibition of Charlie's works in a local gallery or art venue, hosted by Cindy Surendorf, where she tells some of her favorite stories about her father.
  • Closing exhibition of all students' works alongside Charlie's, either at the school or at a nearby location.
  • Exhibits of the students work and video on our website.

If you are interested in sponsoring an event or getting involved with the Foundation, please see the content under the Get Involved menu.