Our Sponsors


Sally Knornschild
Sandra Rustam
Jenny Brian
Patt Dolan
Ricki Colman
Carol Gorgas
Janie Nelson
Wendy Myers
Jacqueline Tate
Fred Pesaki
Per Ostlund
Sue Cahlander
Deanna Marsh
Maria McCormick
Peg Hackenbruck
Jennifer Feeney
FSN Group


Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Carol Bownlow
Peter Gierke
Nick Conroy
Kaiser Permanente
BZ Smith
Carol Gorgas
Judy Nelson
Dixie Garcia
Tuolumne County Arts


Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Bill Fry
Carol Brownlow
Shaundra Toy
Dr. Frohmayer
Lynn Strauss Zuckerman
Sally Stevens
Nick and Kerry Conroy
Pat Cach
Brenda Brandy Culhane

2015 Sponsors

Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
The Dolan Family
The Miles Family
Dr. Jessica Clarke
Ricky Coleman

2013 Community Individuals we would like to thank for their financial support and help:

Peter Gierke MD
BZ Smith
Ruth Anne Tyson
Alexis Halstead
The Q Community Center
The Portland Artists Social Guild
Stephanie Dietrich

All the countless hours donated by my board and friends, I thank you!

Stash Tea Company of Portland!  THANK YOU!

2012 Community Individuals We Would Like to Thank for Their Financial Support

Brain Bailey
Sigfredo Martinez
C. Crawfurd
Cary McGrew
K. & S. Scruggs
M. & T. Kingshill
S. & R. Fisher
C. Plants
Tonia Shade
Larry and Kay Baugh
Foothill Printing and Graphics
Foothill Printing and Graphics provides all our printed materials. We appreciate their support.
2245 Highway 49
Angles Camp, CA  95222
Wells Fargo Bank

For our 2011 - October High School Workshop programs, our thanks go out to:

Columbia Marble Quarry RV Park – Esther Osborne
Stockton Savings – Sonora Branch – Gretchen Byars
Black Oak Casino
Foothill Printing & Graphics – Angels Camp
Nelson’s Candies
Zucca Wines
Murphys Hotel
Murphys Coffee Roaster
Columbia Booksellers - Floyd D. P. Oydegaard

Individual support:

  • Ingrid Bhend  -  John Bhend -  Dana Christy -  Tom Cornett -  Stephanie Dietrich -  Mrs. C. Fleck
  • Carol Gorgas -  Walter & Anne Kempf  - Tom and Mary Kingshill  - Sally Knornschild  - Karen and Rick Kress
  • Belinda Miller -  Mike & Janice Nelson - Jay Shotwell  - Suzan Still PhD  - Ralph Squire  - Renee & Bill Rasor
  • Gwen Kunz Taylor - Robin and Eric Witt

Special thanks to our advisors:

Mike Macon
Mel Ginn
Laulette Hicks Ginn
Bz Smith
Michelle Plotnick

Special thanks to our teachers:

Lisa Porta – Sonora High School
Mark Waelty – Bret Harte High
Suzanne Smith – Calaveras High

Thank you to all the volunteers that did not get named because you worked so hard behind the scenes.