• 2017 already? whew, time flies when the World shifted . . .


    Hi Everyone,

    I am amazed that it is March 7th, 2017 and I am so far behind catching up on all my personal websites for the Surendorf Foundation as I have ventured into new and exciting territory with Oregon Safe Schools Communities Coalition and ECET2OR.  Who are they you ask?  Here is the link for OSSCC, read all about them.


    What has been my very most exciting event is about to take place this coming weekend, and I want to give you a recap once I have experienced it as I know that nothing happens by accident, and this event sure did not.

    I want to thank, Monte and Wayne for the donation of $450.00 worth of labor they put into the Art Truck!  Without my neighbors from Northside Ford, I would not be able to make the trips planned and that I have been doing since January.  Their kindness comes from their hearts, as they are very concerned also the state of future Public Education and to keep our Teachers, Students, and Staff safe in schools.  If you have a Ford truck, stop by and tell them I sent you from the Surendorf Foundation, and they will always be at our service in the future, I know!

  • Thank you, everyone, now let’s get to work!

    This year is going by so fast that sometimes I feel as if I am in a dream.  I love our community.  Tonight is the 4th annual *eRa*-Encouraging respect for Aging art show at Q Center.

    I am spending time right now to make since of it all.  I know we all are.

    The goals and dreams of the Rainbow Arts Project has not changed because of the beginnings and endings of the America I have known and lived in for 60 years.  I find that we are now even more responsible and to stand up for bridging the youth with the seniors just to explain the best we can on what happened election 2016.

    So, today, go to the art show.  Find some nature.  Do some art.  Tomorrow I will take another breathe, see where we are and what we need, and join together with one of our faithful supporters, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulges  and just focus on love and peace.  We are all equal.  We are all wonderful.  We are still Community.

    Finding truth in a very scary time.


    Cindy Surendorf

  • Hey teachers and students!


    May artshow for GSA copyDownload your application here:    Compassion Through Art Application


    Hey everyone, time to get out this Saturday, January 30th and support a huge letter writing campaign to the students and teacher in Tennessee who have been attached for being part of the Gay/Straight Alliance Club in their school.


    Stop by anytime and get involved!   Invite on Facebook

    Cindy & Lily

    Congrats to Verna for winning the tickets to see Lily!  And thank you.$20.00 each raffle ticket!  ONLY 50 tickets being sold!  Get yours by sending me a reserve email so that we can arrange payment.  HURRY, they are going fast and winner will be announced once all have been sold!    http://www.surendorf2artfoundation.org and go to donate.

    Lily Tomlin at the Arlene Schnitzler Theatre

    January 16, 2016 Saturday night

    Row C up close and personal!

    Valued over $260.00!



    Come see the Rainbow Arts Project and the OSSCC-Oregon Safe Schools at booth C-6 on Sunday September 27th, 2015 from noon to five!     OSSCC_logo_small1-300x154 Special thanks to Q Center and Corey Eubanks for sponsoring the booth for us, and for caring so much about the Projects, the People and the monies needed to get into the schools to give our    YOUTH a safe and wonderful day.



    IMG-20150817-01965sisters logoGreat News Received today!  Our first grant!  Thank you, Portland Sisters!



    RAP big

    Lights Camera Action!

    See the first preview of the documentary

                                                   Rainbow Arts Project Documentary

      Welcome to the website of the Rainbow Arts Project.  My name is Cindy Surendorf and I had a vision that it was time to bridge the gap through art between generations of GLBTQA adults and children of today.  All aged students learn in different ways, and it was my way to learn visually as I have been privileged to have dyslexia since I was five years old, and even more privileged to know that I was different from all others at the age of six.  Throughout this journey, we will be offering courses of art, workshops of performance art, and many more programs as they are put together by my wonderful staff.  I am a visionary, I see.  My staff are professionals that will make this work.  My volunteers will be a HUGE part of this journey.

    So, watch this grow quickly and if you want to be a part of this, please let us know and we will bring you to our side of this journey.



    First and foremost, I want to thank Susan Kocen *eRa* – encouraging Respect for aging.  The team at Q Center is amazing and I look forward to working to make this world a better place for every generation, to help bring art back into schools who have lost their programs due to the recession, and let love be the reason for everything we create as a way to bridge people who have not had the privilege to know that being different is vital in making the colors of this world and universe a circle.

     era poster2Rainbow Arts Project 7.11.15  We set up a camera in a room, we asked one question , , , here were the answers.  Please watch.  (click on the purple to watch the video)